What we collect

If you choose to contact us, we will collect your email address. This is for the purpose of responding to the correct sender.

Information we collect automatically

When accessing or using our services, we may automatically collect information about you. This includes usage data: we may collect information when you access and use our services. This may include your web browser, user agent, referral data and IP address. The following actions you take will also be recorded: link clicks and buttons interacted with.

How we use your information

We use your information for the purpose of:
-Studying and researching to improve and maintain our services
-Perform analysis related to our services
-Maintain and improve the security of our services, including the safety and protection of our users, by preventing abuse, spam, and other vunerabilities

Advertisments and Anlytics partners

We may use third-party proivders for the purpose of analytics and advertisments. These third-party providers may collect information from any device you use to access our services. This information may include your web browser, user agent, referral data and IP address.

Our third-party providers for ads and ad networks may use cookies and other related technologies to collect information about your usage of our services, but we do not directly provide them with your information. Revisely does not have access to this data.

We use Google Analytics to analyse usage data for our services.

Your choices

The use of cookies can be controlled through most modern web browsers. You may decide to set your browser to block cookies. This may affect the functionality of our services. Most modern browsers also give a "Do Not Track" option. As there is no accepted standard for websites to implement this, we offer the other choices provided in this policy.


Revisely uses YouTube API services. By using this website, you are agreeing to YouTube's privacy policy (http://www.google.com/policies/privacy). This website uses the YouTube API to collect information on video names, URLs and video creator names.